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Un avion superbe, innovant mais....

Bonjour à tous,

Voici donc un petit mot pour vous signaler un fait désolant mais malheureusement démontrant le succès de FG.

Voici un message de Curt (oui oui LE Curt Olson de FG)

Hi Emmanuel,

I sent this to your email address <embaranger@free.fr> but haven't seen a reply, so I am trying PM on the forum. I want to make it clear there is no ill will here, just a situation I am forced to address. Hopefully we can solve this one, move on, and hope we don't have to deal with this sort of situation again. Thanks! (For whatever it's worth, my concern, and Honda's concern is within flightgear.org, outside of the flightgear.org domain I do not venture any advice. I am not a lawyer.) :-)

I just received a request from lawyers representing Honda that FlightGear.org remove the Honda jet from our flightgear.org aircraft download page and future releases of our software.

Specifically they object to our use of the Honda name, they also object to our using the Honda Jet name, and they also feel the shape and likeness of the aircraft is owned by them as well.

I have personal feelings about many things, but I don't have the time, resources, lawyers, or the level of intelligence and understanding of the legal system to go to battle on this.

They have made a formal request and have done so in a courteous manner. It is reasonable for Honda in today's business and legal climate to make this request. I don't fault them for making their request ... it is how businesses do things and the law is setup in such a way that if they don't protect all known cases of infringement, it makes it harder to protect their legitimate infringement claims that would damage their business. And regardless of if I agree or disagree, the request has now been made formally.

Before notifying the developers list, I wanted to email you (as the author and contributor of this aircraft) first, personally, and let you know what is going on so you aren't caught by surprise.

From my perspective, my responsibility is to flightgear.org (the web site, the downloads on that web site, the software packaging, etc.) I don't personally have time or energy for a huge battle (that I would almost certainly lose) over what is ultimately probably a small matter. The cost of losing such a battle could be far greater than conceding one aircraft to the lawyers. I don't believe FlightGear is doing anything wrong, and do everything I can to be open and honest and law abiding. But the laws have become so expansive and convoluted that if someone did put flightgear.org under a microscope, other problems might be found.

You are your own person of course, but I would love to have your support in this matter. As the author of the HondaJet model for flightgear, your support in removing the HondaJet from the flightgear aircraft downloads and from git would make that process much simpler. I would prefer to find a friendly and cooperative way through this if at all possible.

Please let me know your thoughts. I can forward a copy of the legal letter if you wanted to see that.

Thanks in advance,


Bien évidement, dans l'heure qui à suivit ma lecture de ce message, le Honda Jet se retrouve censuré dans mon hangar et effacé de GIT par mes soins. Curt s'occupant du site officiel de FG.

Mais je tenais tout de même à dire que cela est bien triste et dommage. Surtout pour Honda qui nous montre un visage totalitaire et dictatorial face à des gens qui, en aucun cas, ne cherchent à faire de l'argent avec leur modèle d'avion. Bien au contraire. A travers FlightGear, c'est une manière de faire connaitre leur modèle gratuitement et mondialement.

Au passage, nous noterons que si le modèle que j'ai réalisé était mauvais ils n'aurais certainement pas cette attitude. Il est donc au moins un chose de positive, quoique en pense certains, je ne sus pas si mauvais que cela en modélisation smile

Amicalement Emmanuel

Quelques avions pour FlightGear

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Re : Un avion superbe, innovant mais....

Hi Emmanuel and Curt.

Thank's for info.
As a matter of "go and check elsewhere if..." I went across the street to see if  our neighbours(FSX not to mention) still offer this particular airplane.
This page and product are still active, among many other web pages based on the same search.

http://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/ … honda-jet/

If they have received the same letter as you have, they are not responding urgently.

I have this strong feeling that this recent move from Honda is due to this action:

http://world.honda.com/HondaJet/Backgro … Simulator/


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