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Missiles, Rockets, Canon, tanks, drone ...guided(or not) submodels

We were talking about this with Helijah.

Lots of aircrafts, especially military ones requires load, and sometimes, missiles, tank, bomb, canon etc

All guided code that we have until now are very specific to one or two aircraft.
The Idea was to simplify the code and make it generic, and feed it with lot of parameters.(look like a FDM for submodels...)

The specification could be this :

-the 3D model, the explosion model (or use a generic), the smoke model (or use a generic)
-balistic, guided, powered as boolean
-max speed, time to accelerate, time of combustion of the propellers, explosion radius, distance of explosion (proximity detonation)
the target (or if not the closed), its detection cone, detection max range, max turn angle  and more...

The target is the more complex to code. Cause it needs to be transformed, into a vector.
I think we can be inspired by XIII 's code, because actually he is the only one who can do that.
This also could really simplify the modelers job.

I 'lol try to do it but, I think that I need a little help...
if someone can help me ^^ that will be great...
(and I already saw one or two project like that on the net but the latest was in 2010...)


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Re : Missiles, Rockets, Canon, tanks, drone ...guided(or not) submodels

Ok. I've done it.
See the 2000-5

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Re : Missiles, Rockets, Canon, tanks, drone ...guided(or not) submodels

Looks like a lot of work here but pertinent topic. Advanced students in 3D modeling will be able  to debate with pros.
I believe that this is one of the major reasons on creating such a discussion group.
As mentionned in the "instruments" section I have suggested that special chapters could be added to the basic 3D modelisation course where Emmanuel kindly accepted the task.
Give me a few month and I'll be there.

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