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#1 2013-09-13 21:49:26

cpt Goosnen
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Horten 229 complete overhauling in progress

Hello Monsieurs,

i have some great news for flying wing friends!
i startet to enhance the Horten IX Cockpit
and this got now some impressive movements on the .de forum !!
Cpt Haddock has a rl rl nice FDM which includes an airbrake... ive done the spoiler animation new and connected it with the airbrake. Still not much speed reduce.... but it will become an braking chute also..

here is the complete changelog untill now:


More Fuselag and Wing segments
more rl values
an airbrake (all by haddock)
Rudderflaps included to airbrake.... (just one big slat (2 at the rudder positions) 
                                     which simulate the both upper and downer ones)

complete Texture overhaul
ignition switches (not used for the mom. but the right one is used for master arm)
fuel reserve indicator lights
flap pos. indicator lights
shutoff button (just could it deselecting the fueltanks - turbines still running - but no thrust)
gear indicator (not orig. but will become)

Afterburner (default is deselected cause the early Jets didnt have one) 
Glow (property is oiltemp-norm)
Smoke (one for low speed/Ground; and two for +50knts till 13000ft for each Turbine)
Contrail above 22000ft

Airbrake Model and animation by Cpt Haddock
Spoiler animation by Cpt Goosnen

One Sound for each Turbine

nearly all overhauled and some new
(Nachtfalke, Camo3, Prototype...)

Keys for trim and center trim
default Airbrake key (CTRL-B) and one for little hands^^ (tab)
Nav1-lock and Glideslope Keys disabled

Help dialog
selectable afterburner
selectable shadow 

----------Changelog End------------



the File includes all relevant old files which i changed, for developing.
hope u enjoy, more to come

Gruß Goos

ps: u can follow current state at the german forum

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