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Borrow an other plane folder to test its hown plane

Hy every one,

I propose here to see how to borrow a folder from an existing plane to test your modeling while on development process, if you are impatient to fly your model.
Of course you have Blender rendering, but If it is just to see how your plane is looking like in FG, you have also the FG viewer (that will be a subject for an other tuto, as I don't use it yet, maybe Emmanuel can tell us more about it).

This is temporary test so all "borrowed" files will be replaced later by our own files : 3D, textures, Xml, and txt.
As it is for personal use, not to go out of our hard drive to be distributed, we don't need to ask for authorizations.
If for any reasons, we cannot afford replace later some of them, we will then contact the authors to seek for authorization.

Let say that our young friend D-ECHO want to test his EchoAir Experience.

So, in the folder where we have our development planes, we create a folder with a name as short and simple as possible,
"Experience" should do the trick, we could have made it shorter like "AEX",
Then you go in FG Aircraft folder and try to find a plane with as much as possible similarity :
- Size
- weight
- Type of propulsion (propeller, jet, etc.)
- Position of the propeller/jet engine)

Lets say that we choose the Pteria as we know very well the author and that he gave is authorization.

Ho, what is Pteria?
He he, you know it already under an other name!!
It have been developped by a team well known here, Team88, composed of:
- OO SVY, the "Project daddy's", as he is the one who start it by posting a picture,
- FG-TUX, FDM, Nasal, Xml, Livery "Carbone",
- Algajojo, our audacious Test-Pilot,
- Helijah, our host, technical advice,
- And the author................ c'est moi !!!

So you might have recognized the LISA Akoya, for witch I did not yet got authorization from LISA Airplanes.
I decided then to change the name of the project and will change few thinks in the 3D, to be able to release it for FG, without copyright or authorization problems.

Open the Pteria folder and copy the following files :
- pteria-base.xml (former Akoya-base.xml)
- pteria-yasim-cnf.xml
- pteria-yasim-set.xml

NOTE : we wont need all of them, I'll tell you later witch one to delete.

Copy them and past them to your "Experience" folder
Rename all "Akoya-something.xml" or Pteria-something.xml", by "experience-something.xml".

Open you favorite picture editor and make a 512x512 PNG picture to be use as splash screen when runing FG, and save it to your "Experience" folder, so you"ll know that you start the right plane when starting FG.

Open the folder "Models" in the "Pteria" folder,
copy the "pteria.xml" file to your "Experience/Models" folder,
and put you experience.ac file (the 3d file exported with Blender) in the same location.

Now open your favorite text editor so we will replace all "Akoya" or "Pteria" words by "Experience" in all Xml files we just copy.

By convention, all the folder names are beguinning by a Upper case letter : Experience
all the file names are in lower case letter : experience.ac, experience.xml

.........................To follow

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